How to conduct the 3 minute meeting.

3 Minute Meeting Audio Demo

We’ll describe the characteristics and techniques for conducting three-minute meetings. We’ll consider the roles of both supervisor and subordinate in the meeting. Three-minute meetings work best in a production (regular and frequent performing the same or similar tasks) environment. In what we call project or mixed environments, we find that 15-minute meetings work well. The issues related to effective three-minute meetings apply to 15-minute meetings. The difference between production and projects is that the expectations and information on status and progress can vary more for projects.In the audio presentation, Terry (the manager) will present her boss (Bob) with a weekly verbal update. At the same time, she will brief him and hand him a copy of the management information system (MIS) to ensure he receives the information needed to make decisions. This is an example of a useful tool taught and practiced in the Management Process course. A division director in an office in Pittsburgh used this one tool to revolutionize her division. She now says that the 3 minute meeting, along with the management summaries (we’ll talk about those later) have provided her with all the answers she needs for CEO sessions.