I am a “6 SIGMA Greenbelt” and have been part of three Air Force Smart Operations 21 efforts. However, the four-day global work-group you facilitated was the most successful focus group I have ever been a part of! 22 “barriers” were sifted down to 14 ideas which were parsed down to four solutions. Three of our four proposals were approved by management on the last day and we walked away with three charts, a nomenclature and business rules for implementation methods.

My advice is: Do not pass GO without this facilitator for your “Urgent-Output-Required” meetings!


The Management Process course changed my outlook on how I manage my team. After completing the course, I installed the 3-minute meeting which made a huge impact in knowing where we were and reporting where my entire division was headed at all times. Soon, I was able to use my time to focus on leading rather than putting out fires. The Management Process course is a great course for leaders at all levels…and provides both tangible takeaways and motivation to be implemented right away!


When my coach started working with me, I was expecting a counselor. But what I found was someone who helped me discover hidden abilities within myself, validate my strengths and help me overcome some grating workplace patterns. Some challenging work situations evolved into a healthier team with a strategy for the division’s overall growth.


I gained a passion for systems engineering as a result of the progress we made on the wicked problem set. The facilitator’s leadership brought together technical talent from diverse career fields to solve a problem that had been long misunderstood. She led our team through the process improvement effort to fix a world-wide systems problem. With coaching, data and six weeks of sessions, we were able to improve our process 83% in four months.


Harold said “Tell me your organization’s top problem that you’d like our help with.” I was thinking, “Are you kidding? Can you fix anything?” But I said with a straight face “Safety incidents have become rampant in our factory.” Four hours after leading the group through a group idea and decision generating technique, he transformed our team, developed consensus and lit a fire that resulted in a revolution throughout our 200 person plant over the next year. The safety procedures implemented drastically reduced mishaps and the desire for accountability spread throughout our organization.


Catherine facilitated 30 subject matter experts in the deconstruction of an interconnected systems problem that has befuddled our business for years using nominal group technique. This broke the varied angles of the dilemma into manageable bites. Through the systematic process, I was astonished at how the group arrived at a four-tiered solution after only three days! This could never have been accomplished without an impartial facilitator to keep our group of passionate brainiacs ON TRACK!

Senior Field Engineer Site Lead

Cate led 46 participants in “Talk Like a Leader” for the Grand Forks Chamber Leadership Series. Courses Taught for Train ND: “Managing the Technical Professional”, “Supervisor Communication Skills”, “Employee Engagement”, “Succession Planning”, and “Talk Like a Leader.”

Feedback: 100% overall satisfaction rating.
Participants comments were as follows.

My favorite thing about the Talk Like a Leader workshop was:
“Gaining a new perspective on how to communicate.”
“We stopped and received adequate time to practice.”
“The trainer was excellent.”
“Class interactions and work sessions.”
“Definitely bring Cate back for more training–A++ in my mind.”
“Feeling engaged and interested.”
“I learned a lot of new communication techniques–particularly reflective listening!”
“Great trainer!”
“Cate did a good job of keeping the class on schedule”
“Illustrative examples.”
“Cate was so authentic and genuine in her training.”

Briefly, how do you plan to use this training?
“I will put the info at my desk for a constant reminder.”
“Develop better listening skills and put them to use with employer and peers.”
“Listen to subordinates more.”
“In both work and personal life.”
“Have more effective one on ones.”
“Implement 3 min meeting”
“Develop trust with my crew, implement a plan to listen and care about employees.”
“I plan to use this training with my direct reports to better communicate.”
“To help with difficult decisions.”
“Use with my staff at work.”

Participant Responses
Chamber Leadership Series Participants, 2016

After instructing “the Management Process” for the Engineering Management Leadership Team at the University of Central Florida, feedback included:

“Continue sharing your personal history and actual experiences.”
“Great job in improving team dynamics.”
“Continue the reflective listening sessions–yes, it is difficult…but it helps!”
“Continue relating real stories to the lessons.”
“Continue with your positive attitude and reinforcement of what you’re hearing from attendees.”
“Keep bringing energy to the discussion.”
“Keep doing interactive sessions–where you consult and make us move to specific application actions.”

Participant Responses
Engineering Leadership and Innovation Institute,
Department of Industrial Engineering,
University of Central Florida, 2016